Time to reinvent not retire

Introducing Welldercare's pathbreaking - Best Years Program

The Best Years Program™ is a 2 year collaborative effort of Life coaches, Behavioural scientists and Gerantologists to re engineer our mindset towards ageing. This phase of life that can be lived in joyful abundance . The Best Years Program™ is facilitated by leading coaches to bring about a life transformation.

Stand out from the fierce competition and retain your valuable talent. Sponsor our scientifically designed Life Transformation Program for your employees’ parents to show that you care about them.

Your employees work hard every day in making your organization’s vision a success. It can sometimes mean they compromise on their time with their family. You can’t make up for the lost time, but you can step up your efforts to create experiences, carefully thought out, to accommodate your employees’ family responsibilities. When your employees don’t need to worry as much about their family life, they can be more connected to their work.

Program schedule for 2024 to be announced soon.

BYP - Life changing icon

Life-changing insights

Your employees’ parents will deep dive into what makes them tick and learn how to take control of what matters and how to let go of what doesn’t. They will identify and overcome past mind- blocks and focus on the present to build the best possible future for themselves.

BYP - Rediscovered purpose icon

Rediscovered purpose

A life without goals isn’t worth living. Our immersive program helps your employees’ parents to discover their ikigai and identify their unique reason to get out of bed every morning. So, they look forward to new victories instead of reliving past glories.

BYP - Power of community icon

The power of community

Your employees’ parents will experience the magic of being surrounded by veterans of life. So, they can forge new connections and build enriching relationships with others who've been there and done that, just like them.

BYP - Concrete roadmap icon

A concrete roadmap

By the end of the program, your employees’ parents will have a unique blueprint for their future, with an action plan on how to work towards their self-determined goals. So, they lead a high energy and high-quality life where every day is a new possibility.

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